Monday, November 14, 2011

The Groove Book Report: What to buy for Xmas: Three Books for the Ladies in your life.

2. Hand Me Down - Michelle Holman Harper Collins, $24.95
All right I admit I'ma little out ofmy depth on this one. Romance noves are not really my thing. Though I have to say they are adictive! Not that I'm saying that I'd read this or anything. But if you were holed p in a chalet for a month with a lot of red wine and bear steaks, the I guess this wouldn't be too bad a read, I guess. Ok, Ok. Actually it was pretty good. Holman is a master at the compelling read, and yes, the characters are sufficiently engaging and realistic to hold your attention.

Ok, quick synopsis. Over 26 years ago , two little girls were born in the small town of Pisa, um, Otago. (Home of the best Cherries by the way!). One, a brunette, olive skinned girl and the other blonde and blue eyes. 'Hand Me Down' starts the day these two babies go home home with the wrong set of parents. Oh dear, you can see where this is heading. But wait! All her life, April Ritchie is a princess in her daddy's eyes, her family were wealthy and important (they own the biggest house in Pisa and the largest farm). Seventeen years later, though, this little girl's life was about comes crumbling down as rumours were spark that she's not the biological daughter of Heather and Grant Ritchie. April gets kicked out of home and leaves Pisa, vowing never return but before a quick detour into the hospital to steal the two medical records (her's and that of one Nola Gutsell. Fast forwad nine years later, April's flat-broke and making her living as a kissing telegram girl. When a job comes up, it takes April back to her home town of Pisa. A lot has changed in 9 years. Her family home has been sold to the one person whose reputation she ruined, to a whole town annoyed at April for the girl she used to be.

And there the story starts as our heroine (sic) must prove to the town that she has changed. What will happen when the truth of who April really is comes out, will her closest friend 'Latoya' Gutsell feel betrayed?

This is book five of Michelle Holman's cracking collection of slightly trashy romantic click lit. Like a good buttery chardonnay and a a Violet Crumble, it's a superb story that will will keep you in laughter in parts and tears in others (or if a guy like me train spotting the cliche's) as the cracks between April's tough exterior start showing and her true colours revealed. The best bit is the Kiwi twist on this slighly overcooked America saga, and that alone will make it the book to read with those left over turkey sammies and pink champers & lemmy-aide.

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