Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Woolshed Sessions: Did you catch the Interview with Jess Chambers and Age Pryor?

Last Thursday on "The Adventures of the Coffeebar Kid" (Thurs 6PM) We were honoured to have the multi talented Jess Chambers (Solo Work, Rhian Sheehan) and Age Pryor (Solo Work, Wellington Ukekle Orchestra, Fly My Pretties) in the studio to talk about their latest project : The Woolshed Sessions.
What's resulted is an album, a deluxe limited edition version (incl Session Photos by Andy Morley-Hall) and a live October Season at Bats - Thurs 9, Fri 10, Sat 10 (2 Sessions) & Sun 11 (2 Sessions)
Or phone 802 4175
The Woolshed Sessions music was captured on an improvised recording set-up; essentially a borrowed collection of nice microphones plugged into a tired old computer as the musicians worked four days straight, morning, afternoon and night. The tunes are mostly fresh songs written by various members of the eight strong collective. These songs were jammed and then recorded ‘live’ - everyone singing and playing together, often with many attempts made until getting a version down that was felt to be ‘the one’.Throughout is the ambient resonance of the space the music was created and recorded in – a converted woolshed with bare timber floors, lined with plywood and clad in corrugated iron looking across the Takaka Valley.