Friday, October 28, 2005

Like, Groovy, Man. Check out the Action on "Rumble", Tonite, Cats!

This is where the Action is, Cats.

Tonite we are graced witht the company of Kerouac, McKuen and Ginsberg.

Yep, Daddy-O, It's a night of Beatsville. We travel the path well trodden by Gillespie and Parker and look at the finest moments in the Jazz/Beat era. We also have some up to the day radio interviews that are, like' vintage - Man.

Be Cool, we'll check some groovy, tunes on the box. Ooh, Solid! No grease needed. It's free to air! And I ain't talking no Jive!, Man.

So tune in at 6 on the PM tonite to Rumble thru the Beatsville crates. Only on, like, Groove 107.7 - Home of the Beatsville Beatnik happening Scene, Babies! Don't be square now - Be there!

As ever, Straighten up and fly right, Cats!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Tonite on "Rumble Thru the Crates"

Get Ready to Rumble: - With Richard Cheese (Dick, to his friends). Dick, is the only lounge performer we know who produces his own range of underwear! While other performers have panties hurled at them whilst on stage, Dick manufacturers his own tasteful line (in blue and pink sm/med/xl/and whoa momma!). The Richard cheese orchestra hail from none other than the US west coast, specialising in lesser known standards and heavy metal numbers such as G'n'R's welcome to the Jungle and some dumb band's "Enter Sandman'.

Tonite we celebrate an true artiste fromage with Richard Cheese's 3rd Album "Apetite for Destruction" and embelish the show with other perenials such as Frank Bennet, Blossom Deary and Wellington's Twinset. Get those crackers out, grab the Chataeu Cardboard and settle in...."Rumble Thru the Crates" distastefully presented by DJT - 6-Whenever Thursday nites on Groove 107.7 FM - Wellington's only independently owned Radio Station dedicated to Lounge, Swing and all that shakes.


1- Go to Google (
2- Type in the word "Failure"
3- Instead of clicking Google Search, click "I'm Feeling Lucky."4- Giggle
5- Spread the word before the people at Google "fix" it.

Straigten up and Fly Right, Groovers!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

No.9 Wellington International Jazz Festival 26-30 October 2005

Hi, Groovers. The more discerning amongst you may already be lining up for tickets to E.S.T (Estbjorn Svensson Trio) the Swedish phenomenon, headlining this year's festivel. The festival also includes Sax dude Oliver Lake (a living legend), Horn Player Baikida Carroll and Guitarist Ben Moder plus the Turnaround (DJ's Submariner, Mauel Bundy & Cian) and Hawaiian Diva Deva Mahal.

The full programme is available at all the usual places or go to for the full programme.

that's it for now

DJT - Straighten up and fly right !