Monday, November 14, 2011

The Groove Book Report: What to buy for Xmas: Three Books for the Ladies in your life.

1. Chocolate Wars by Deborah Cadbury, Harper Press, $28.99

Every wondered why the cocoa in your cupboard is call 'Bournville Cocoa'? Bournville was the location at the beginning of Richard Tapper Cadbury's Empire. With meticulous detail and a surprising mix of economics, anthropology and good old down to earth invesigative journalism, the great, great, great grand daughter of the original chocolate baron unveils the story of not only a chocolate empire but an industry and a commodity more precious than gold. This is a product consumed and known by virtally every kid able to read the posters at their local shop. What you might not know is that, unlike other chocolate barons, the Cadburys were Quakers. Honest hard working and frugal. An odd juxtaposition you might think, for a family that makes a luxury good. And there lies a tale. Cadbury covers the economic situations, the exploration and the eventual all-out fight for market share. And of course there are a few nogstalgic "Willy Wonka Factory" moments, too. After all, we are talking about the kid who grew up in the sweet shop! Interestingly absent from the narative is any real scorn on Kraft, the current owners of the Cadbury brand. The politics and historionics behind Cadbury's demise and sale, andevental recovery of sorts is all on the page, be itsome what clinical. Cadbury, herself seems content that it exists and is alive and well. That is enough. Also missing is any real analysis of Cadbury's contribution to modern day obesity and tooth decay or the commonisation of treats such as candy and chocolate from expesive luxuary tems to everyday items from the super market. Still, we are talking about one of the UK's most beloved and revered brands, with a real history and an accessibility like no ther. For that we should be thankful.

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