Monday, March 1, 2010


Coffee Bar Kid Only Drinks What's Right
Latte, Cappacino or Flat White
For all the Latest News, Greatest New Releases and Scratchiest Vinyl
Tune in at 6.00PM Weekdays to
The Adventures of the Coffee Bar Kid

News, Interviews, Guests, Pre-Releases, Lost Releases, Stuff from the Sale Bins - Every week the Coffee Bar Kid Rumbles through the Crates to bring you a mixed and dubious collection of Music And Arts/Music News.

These pages delve deeper into the Kid's show with extra info, links and useles facts you really don't need to know, but can't resist Reading!

Now you can have both Chocoalte AND Cinnamen on your Skinny Full Cream Non Dairy Double Shot Chai-Soy Flat White Cappacino Latte with Extra Cream!

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