Monday, March 1, 2010

And I've been Meaning to publish this : Karen Hunter's New Album Words and Groove

This was first published by the Groove Guide Jan 2010 /

Karen Hunter with Ron Samson and Aaron Coddel – Words and Groove / 5 Stars (No question)

When the lady quips “You’re so full of Oysters, there’s no room for humble pie” you’d better ‘Pull your Head in’! So begins, Guitarist/Songwriter Karen Hunter’s second excursion, building songs around eagle eyed observations (“only a boy could miss those cues” on ‘A Kiss without a Moustache’) and razor sharp witticisms, (“Let’s post pictures on facebook…on ‘Headroom’). The NZ Herald described her voice as ‘one of the most sensuous in the country’, and they’re right. Words & Groove is a delicious blend of original jazz and dirty blues (‘Long Hot Summer’), shades of Orient (‘Purify’) and lush performance poetry (‘Wheelspin’/ ‘Little by Little’)). Always innovative and entertaining, Hunter’s performance entwines personal experience with liberally embellishment, straddling danger and the mundane. Underpinning the infrastructure is the superb musicianship of jazzmen Ron Samsom and Aaron Coddell. Together the trio deliver cerebral, complex, yet delicate layers which, sweet and sumptuous like the filo of a honey baklava. Music that lingers on the palate long after the morsel is devoured.

Tim Gruar

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