Sunday, October 18, 2015

Brewed: A Guide To The Craft Beer Of New Zealand by Jules Van Cruysen

The New Zealand beer industry is a dynamic one – full of larger-than-life, passionate characters; from loveable rogues through to budding mad scientists. Our beers are just as diverse. And the variety is growing exponentially. Jules van Cruysen brings together a selection from the current market.  They range from small time brewers to big players with brewing traditions from all over the world and combining these with Kiwi ingredients, ingenuity and creativity, we have a beer culture unlike any other.

In the last five years the New Zealand beer industry has grown from virtually nothing to totally owning everything. there are craft ale bars everywhere, like they were always there.  And punters are loving it.  Like Mike Cooper the wine aficionado, Van Cruysen details the brewer, their background, their art, style, and their philosophy.  Like wine they all have some point of difference.  Crouchers, of Rotorua, for example, is all about Pilsners and American hops, bold and gutsy flavours.  Tuatara has a quest to make an ale that is totally about the region. They also invented the Aotearoa Pale Ale (AP).  Or did they? 

Ok, so this book, which acknowledges the craft beers and brewers of New Zealand, is well overdue. Brewed will always be a snapshot of an industry creating beers that are full of character. Beers range from classical to crazy (Lamb Chopper anyone?), refined to quintessentially Kiwi (fancy a CHUR?) and aggressive (Sauvignon Bomb) to the suggestive (Morning Glory).

This is a book that should encourage experimentation among engaged beer consumers.  Help them to discover new breweries and, with the use of these amazing and comprehensive tasting notes, benchmark them against our old favourites. It'll help emerging beer drinkers to identify beers they will enjoy, starting them on a journey of discovery.

Jules is a professional beer, wine and food writer with over ten years’ experience in the liquor and hospitality industries. Having worked at Oamaru’s Riverstone Kitchen as a sommelier, Jules fell in love with great beer, and continued this affair working at Wellington’s craft beer bar, Hashigo Zake. With experience selling some of the world’s finest wines at some of New Zealand’s finest restaurants, Jules brings a unique perspective to writing about beer and is especially passionate about matching beer and food. He currently edits Eat New Zealand, and writes for a number of other publications including maintaining his own websites, XYEats and XYDrinks.

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