Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Michael Cooper's Buyer's Guide 2015

This will be a difficult book to review if you're not a seasoned wine buff.  Yet Cooper's pedigree in the industry is probably enough to instantly demand this is on your Xmas list.  As always he covers all the bases - reviewing the upcoming releases in every varietal and Cellar offering.  Wine is, I think, a very personal thing so it would be a challenge to criticise his palate and his knowledge without a real cannon of knowledge behind me.  That said I really enjoyed poking around in my local supermarket with this book, trying to determine which Sav or Chardonnay I should bring home.  But, let's face it, that is a boring approach.  The real joy is in checking all the new varieties on the horizon - the new stars to shine - like Wurtzer or Zweiiget or Marzeminc - all old world names looking for a new spot in our sun.  The book can be used in a multitude of ways: You can surf the good years in the Vintage chart, or check out each region and explore the surrounding vineyards, or you can just look up that bottle you gt for Xmas.  Cooper is a permanent fixture in our Vintner landscape for good reason.  Put this one on the list:  And don't forget to surf his website, too!


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