Monday, July 21, 2014

No Punches Pulled By Bob Jones

The best of Bob Jones' New Zealand Herald columns. Every week Bob Jones delivers an upper cut to the foibles, foolishness and outright fatuousness of contemporary life.
In this collection of the best of his columns from the NZ Herald, he lines up the pious, the pitiful and the politically correct - and never pulls his punches. 

Uncompromising and unexpurgated, this is Sir Bob at his most honest and hilarious.

These are 200 -400 word essays, sort enough for the little winger's room and perfect laxatives for modern life.  

With 21 books and hundreds of columns published, a fleeting career in politics (which probably inspired the kernel for NZ First) Jones is prolific.  Politicians refuse to acknowledge that he has influence and wit way beyond that bore of bores Paul Holmes or that buffoon of the airwaves, Leighton Smith.  Jones' articles are perfect quick fixes but not entirely satisfying.  It is a curious thing that in New Zealand rich, self made men feel it is ok to publish their opinions with such regularity, Gareth Morgan not excepting.  His subjects leapfrog from Tennis and Ladies at the court side to golden mile shopping, and weirdly letters from Greg King, Barrister for notorious murderers.  Albeit with gentle facts blacked away, lest we learn truth from hearsay.  Still what is real is simply what is stated, now isn't it?   

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