Monday, April 14, 2014

The Train to Paris - Sebastian Hampson

‘This book will charm and engage.’ Books & Publishing

She entered the station, wearing a white leopard-print dress that was short enough to show off her legs. Her hair slid down the back of her neck in a curtain of gold, which shimmered as it passed t
hrough the updraught. There was a conspicuous ring on her finger. Her head turned and her eyes almost met with mine. I looked away.
After a disastrous holiday with his girlfriend in Madrid, Lawrence Williams takes the train back to Paris where he is studying art history. Lawrence is twenty years old and discovering how to see the world, which means he doesn’t mind too much when he gets stranded at the border.
That’s when √Člodie Lavelle enters his field of vision. She might be twice his age but she’s amused by the boy’s earnest charm. She decides to entertain herself by educating him in the rules of her society, treating him to an unforgettable evening in Biarritz.
But √Člodie has not counted on what Lawrence might teach her in return, or how much their unlikely encounter willmark them both. The Train to Paris is a surprising and compelling love story.

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Sebastian Hampson
Sebastian Hampson was born in 1992 in Auckland, New Zealand. He grew up in Wellington, has lived in Europe, and is currently studying art history and literature at Victoria University. The Train to Paris is his first novel.

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