Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Groove Book Report: Top to Bottom: Marc Ellis, Harper Collins.

On Ya Marc. Yep. As part of a tie in earlier this year, 'ol Ellis decides to celebrate 60 years and a new 'improved' model by travelling the country in the new Toyota Fj Land Cruiser. A vehicle, I have to say is a stunning number. Though, I'm not sure what Crumpy would think of this GPS, leather seated, IPOD connecting version. On the way (and this is the off road, laz-ier version - to Marcus Lush's North/South) he meets some bloody legends. That's a series of down to the worm infested, salt of the earth personalities that frequent small town Aotearoa. And this is what makes Ellis the Bloke he is - diggin' out the good sorts and shoving the camera up their noses. I'm sure this was a TV show, though I've never seen it advertised. Anyways youse jokers would enjoy it for the cracking yarns and of course the extensive photographc history of the predecessors to the curret FJ - worth a look for that alone!

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