Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This week, the Kid goes all “bookworm”

This week, the Kid goes all “bookworm” with the first of his series on “What to buy for Xmas”. This week, it’s three different Rock ‘n’ Roll Legends: Steven Tyler; Dave Grohl and Katy Perry. Click here to read the reviews and don’t forget to tune in at 7.30 On Thursday Nights to “The Adventures of the Coffee Bar Kid” Only on Groove 107.7FM.

Does the Noise in my head bother you? A Rock’n’Roll Memoir. Steven Tyler. Harper Collins RRP $39.99

This would be one of the most appropriate book titles ever. Tyler is a dynamo of language and thought. He write, if you could call it that, like a Ralph Steadman cartoon: the image is there but you have to search through the splodges and ink blots, the outrageous colours and exaggerated lines, to find the true constructs. Whilst “ghost written’ to a degree, I would have preferred this book to be in the form of an interview, perhaps more structured, some way of containing Tyler’s mind explosions and harnessing the impossible tangents that he inevitably travels. For a man now sober, you wouldn’t know. On paper – at least – this one covers all the bases: Early days, Aerosmith, Sex, Drugs, Rock’n’Roll and family life, then more sex and drugs as Tyler proves himself to be the living effigy of Keith Moon and Mick Jagger.

Despite or perhaps because of all this, Tyler and Aerosmith have remained America’s own version of a good down to earth good time Bogan band, with their popularity as big in the States as ACA DACCA is down under, and every long haired or aspiring long haired teen from 10 – 50 yrs having a copy of, at least “Pump” in their collection.

On the whole, I’d plug this one for the significant male in your life. Take his mind off the tournament of the usually shaped ball for 10 minutes!

This is a call: the Life and Times of Dave Grohl. Paul Brannigan. Harper Collins RRP: $39.99

I recently saw Nirvana’s Live at the Paramount DVD and was reminded of the sheer amatueristic approach of three slackers from Seattle. Their entire set seemed like it was made up by jamming there and then, with little regard for professionalism, delivery or direction. Kurt, as always was moody, brooding and closed. Noveselic was tripping and vague. Grohl was concentrating for dear life, nervous as hell.

On the cover of “This is a call” Grohl admits he ‘lost it’ when he heard of Kurt’s death. He reveals through out that this was not only the loss of a band mate but a job as well. His entire reason for living, the accolades, the tour cycle-feedbag and the direction that taught him hour to lay, and more over, to perform on stage had gone. In the following chapters Grohl works through the pain, the loss of direction and the final hurdles that shaped him as the leader of Foo Fighters, a stadium sized band that on paper has output more, been heard by more and met more than Nirvana ever had. Had the monkey of Nevermind been lifted, though? Whilst Grohl cathartically works through that here on the page, I’m not so convinced. You be the judge. Brannigan, who’s actually hung with Grohl many times, has done a good job here and speaks like someone who knows his subject at the right level. He does reveal anything that Grohl doesn’t wand him to, and that’s a danger I guess. At least it would be if Grohl was the kind of guy to have a past that shdy. No that was Kurt who had the issues. Another one for the mature males in your household (say 25+ . Any earlier and they’d be uninterested. They’re too busy still living the R’n’R dream).

Katy Perry: The Unauthorised Biography – Alice Montgomery – Penguin RRP: $35.00

Who knew the demure Christian popster, Katy Hudson would go on to change her name, marry Russell Brand, sell millions, have the Chipmunks cover her songs, and become the tabloid darling she is today? Not so much a rags to riches story, this one but and interesting little journey. There’s the usual bad-ass boy friend, Record Company dumpings and in-your-face success that only Hollywood would lap up these days. Still, it’s a good effort. I’ve only read four chapters so far but I can see Alice Montgomery, who recently saw success with Susan Boyle’s bio ‘Dreams can Come True’ has done her homework. The only thing I have against unauthorised biographies is the propensity to rely on second hand sources and people “close’ to the Star in question, which usually turns out to be the domestic help or a barista at a favourite coffee shop. And in this case, this is mostly a narrative of previously published articles and a few choice interviews with editors and such. If you know nothing about Perry, it’s a good 101 Text to refer to. But if you’re a fan. I suspect you’ve already read the tweets and facebook comments from the star her self, and that, at least these days, it a closer ‘source’. If you can stand the “OMGs” on Christmas morning then buy this for your teen daughter or her cousin.

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