Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Who Killed Jesus? Who is the Modfather?

This week on the Adventures of the Coffeebar Kid we talk to Producer/Presented Bryan Bruce about his documentary "An Investigator Special: Jesus the Cold Case". Bruce goes to the Holy Land and investigates the facts behind the Passion and the Crusifixion of Jesus. He also makes a startling connection between the persecution ofjews in Europe and the role of early Jewish leaders in the Temple where Jesus over turned the tables of the money lenders. The Coffeebar Kid investigates the investigator and asks where the idea for the doco came from and why he chose this topic.

See for yourself "An Investigator Special: Jesus the Cold Case" plays on TV1 Sunday 29 July at 8.30PM. See more at:

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Also this week, the Kid talks to Ray Columbus, the original 'Modfather' about his life in Music and his new biography.

One of pioneers of modern music in New Zealand, Ray Columbus began his career in 1959 at the tender age of 17. After more than four decades at the top of the New Zealand entertainment industry as a singer, songwriter, bandleader and TV star, and having hits with such classics as 'She's a Mod' and 'Till We Kissed', Ray is well and truly a household name.
Surprisingly, Ray's story has never been told: not fully, not in book form, and certainly not by him. Until now. The Modfather is the first authorised account of his unique life in music – growing up in the 1950s, early days as a teenage bandleader, stardom at home and abroad, rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous (Roy Orbison, The Rolling Stones and Tom Jones, to name just a few), reflections on an ever-changing music industry – and his ongoing influence.
Illustrated with photographs/ephemera from Ray's personal collection, it is at once a disarmingly candid memoir, a snapshot of a bygone era, a behind-the-scenes exposé and, more simply, a great read.

Read an extract :

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